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AI and Blockchain Researcher - Research Lab

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IBM Research is looking for a researcher to join our AI and Blockchain research team, to advance and create state-of-the-art technologies and solutions using new technologies that leveraging the power of AI and ML.

At IBM Research, we believe in combining fundamental scientific skills with business opportunity to make a big impact.
You will join a team comprised of scientists and engineers and help us build new and innovative products and solutions for IBM.
You will advance science and at the same time that you bring new innovations to the market.

We are looking for researchers who are passionate about learning new things, incubating new ideas and about advancing the scientific state of the art in AI.
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  • M.Sc. In Computer Science, Mathematics or Electrical Engineering in a leading university
  • Hands-on experience in one or more: Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, Node.js, micro services architectures, Docker/K8s
  • Background in one or more: AI, ML, Data Science, Deep Learning
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