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Electrical Eng./Computer Science/Mechanical Eng

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We are looking for excelling BSc and MSc recent graduates in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science / Mechanical Engineers to join crazy, creative and motivated teams in Yehud and Haifa!
Our energetic startup environment empowers you to learn new topics every day, understanding both the depth of the design, as well as the overall system considerations.
You will use our cutting-edge technology to take signal processing into the day-to-day world of business and industry.

דרישות המשרה 
  • Eager to learn and grow in a fun environment
  • Well-established in Signal Processing – an advantage

You have a competitive advantage if…

  • You have extensive knowledge of Signal Processing
  • You graduated from a BSc & MSc in Electrical Engineering with honors
  • You have relevant experience in technological army units/start-ups
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