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Hardware Practical Engineer

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  • Master standards and perform Safety, CE, UL, TUV tests for Motion Control Applications
  • Plan and perform validation testing to analog and digital boards
  • Design and execute complex integration tasks in Motion Control Application products
  • Debug and correct design flaws and problems
  • Design and document testing and certification activities

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform Safety, CE, UL tests while understanding the standards and their impact on design 
  • Understand in-depth safety and regulation standards, be a knowledge center in these areas for the R&D
  • Analyze, debug and modify existing products to address EOL and reliability issues 
  • Design and development of simple I/O and control boards
  • Perform Bring-Up tasks, validate design, support transition to manufacturing 
  • Define and write Testing and Validation documents/reports
פרטי המפרסם
ACS Motion Control
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