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Logic Design Engineer

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We’re looking for a Logic Design engineer with an interest in algorithms, for designing high bandwidth satellite modems.
In this role you will design complex systems from scratch, starting with conceptual design and block design, through implementation and simulation, and ending in lab testing.
Your role will involve using FPGA synthesis tools, timing constraints, ModelSim simulation, Matlab modeling, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers and scopes.
You may bring your own ideas or read state-of-the-art papers and implement new technologies.
You will be joining a warm family team. If you have the relevant experience and find this appealing, please read the following:


  • FPGA design of high-bandwidth high-speed digital signal processing and control algorithms for satellite modems
  • Work with the latest and most advanced SoCs on the market
  • Collaborate with multi-disciplinary R&D teams to develop advanced satellite communication systems
  • Perform simulations at various design stages to ensure design requirements are met
  • Participate in board bring-up activities, system-level integration tasks, troubleshooting, and field testing 
דרישות המשרה 
  •  BSc. in Electrical Engineering
  • +5 years’ experience developing complex logic designs
  • Team player
  • A high level of proficiency in English
  • Fast learner
  • Experience with communication algorithms – an advantage
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