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Quantum Data Scientist

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Quantum computing is one of the most promising areas of R&D, and it attracts the attention of countries, academic institutions and companies.
Although the technological potential is clear, the realization of quantum computers requires overcoming significant challenges, as well as the study of how to best use the quantum computation advantage.

QEDMA Quantum Computing is a well-funded start-up in the Quantum Computing space.
Qedma’s main goal is to develop an operating system that will enable both the quantum computers manufacturers as well as the end users to unleash the power of quantum computing.

The three co-founders of QEDMA are Asif Sinay, PhD (CEO), Prof. Dorit Aharonov (CSO) and Prof. Netanel Lindner (CTO).

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  • MSc and above (excellent candidates with Bsc will be considered) in Physics, Computer science, EE, Mathematics or equivalent
  • Strong hands-on programming experience in relation with scientific/physical data and its analysis, numerical simulations, optimization, ML, or equivalent
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