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Our laboratory, located at the Technion’s Biomedical Engineering Faculty,  focuses on rational design of cell-compatible hydrogels to be used for tissue repair, stem cell therapy and diagnostics (
We are recruiting a part-time researcher to assist our team in exploring novel approaches in tissue regeneration using injectable hydrogel implants. The candidate must have extensive experience with mammalian cell culture techniques, confocal microscopy,quantitative molecular/cellular biology and animal experimentation.


  • Performing experiments in molecular and cellular biology;
  • Establishing and/or optimizing in vivo animal disease models;
  • Assisting students with their research projects;
  • Helping students perform animal experiments;
  • Interacting with collaborator in Europe and USA


דרישות המשרה 
  • Masters or Doctorate degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine or related field.
  • Must be experienced with molecular/cell biology and in vivo experiments.
  • Preferred experience in cell signaling, cellular function evaluation, protein characterization, etc.
  • Ability to study and implement new technologies and skills.
  • Previous research experience with cell culture and immunofluorescence is required.
  • Excellent personal skills; must be a team player.
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